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Disney War Bond unissued SOLD

This certificate was given to purchasers of war bonds during World War II. They feature the famous Disney cartoon characters in various colors. This is the unissued variety. The certificate we are offering is similar to the one in the picture except that it is unissued and in extremely fine condition.

Don't be fooled by color photocopies sold on the Internet at low prices. You can tell this is real for several reasons:

1. If you hold the paper up to the light, you will see the paper has a watermark depicting an eagle, about three inches high by three inches wide. ALL DISNEY WAR BONDS PRINTED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE HAVE AN EAGLE WATERMARK. I handled hundreds of these bonds over the last twenty years, I've written articles about them for the Bond and Share Society Journal, and Friends of Financial History Magazine. If it doesn't have a watermark, it's a fake.

2. The certificate has a light beige background. If it has a yellow background, it is a color photocopy. Even if the paper was left in the sun for a long time, it would not have a yellow background, it would have a darker beige background.

3. Look very closely at the background of Donald Duck's eyes. They are made up of very tiny light blue dots (use a magnifying glass if necessary). If the eyes are a dark blue solid or purple solid, the certificate is a photocopy fake.

There are several other things you can look for, but if you are ever in doubt about a War bond that you have purchased, you can always send it to the Disney Archives Department for verification.

Every Disney fan should have at least one of these to frame and hang on their wall. Buy it now before we raise our price.

Price $299



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