1542 Latin page / leaf from book from Renaissance Era!!
1927 St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Team Postcard
Alder Gulch Consol Mining
American Airports Corp. - 1929
American Amicable Life Insurance
American Gyro Corp. - Crusader
American Tobacco = original Dow stock
Antique Stock Certificate Almanac 2005 book
Antique TOILET stock certificate - Alexander Manufacturing
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna $500 Mexican Mexicano Bond 1866 Vera Cruz, Mexico
Apple Computer stock certificate
Aqua America stock certificate
Archie Enterprises Stock Certificate Famous Comic Book Company - blue
Archie Enterprises Stock Certificate Famous Comic Book Company - green
Arnold Schwarzenegger Dollar bill Set of 25
Atari Corporation
Avondale School District Bond
B. F. Goodrich $10,000 Bond - Rubber Tree, Tire, Factory, Scientist
Bartica Company 7% 10 Year Gold Bond - Rubber Trees
Bay Area Ghosts
Bay Area Ghosts specimen
Berfas Realty (automobile racetrack) Corp.
Berkeley Development 1890
Bio Recovery Technologies - Turtle Vignette
Brandywine Sports
Brazil Railway 5% Convertible Debenture Large Beautiful Bond
Caesars World
Camaguey Sugar of Cuba (blue)
Camaguey Sugar of Cuba (red)
Canton Kowloon Railway (Chinese Imperial Railway) Gold Bond
Certificate #1
Certificate #1: Central Motion Picture Exchange stock certificate SOLD
Certificate Number 1 Cardinal Stagelines stock certificate 1928 red bird vignette SOLD
CHINA 1913 Chinese Government Reorganisation GOLD Bond
Cincinnati and Eastern Railway stock certificate number 1
Cities Service $1100 Zero Coupon Bond
Cohn & Rosenberger (famous jewelry company)
Collins Land
Commuter Airlines - Iowa
Consolidated Railroads of Cuba Bond
CoolSavings Stock Certificate - Piggy Bank Wearing Sunglasses vignette
CUBA Ermita Azucarera Sugar gold bond certificate - in stock
De Lorean Motor Company SIGNED BY JOHN DE LOREAN

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