Dillingham $10,000 bond
Disney War Bond unissued
Dynamic Films
Electric Pneumatic Transit Co.
Elgin National Watch
Enron Corp. Scandal Swindle Scam Crooked E vignette Genuine Authentic Original
Entertainment Capital Group
Euro Disneyland
Every Man His Own Broker BULLS and BEARS book 1775
F.E.C. Realty Corp. certificate number 1
Ferro-Carril Guant. RR Bond certificate CUBA 1882 - in stock
Ferro-Carril Guantanamo Railroad Bond CUBA 1877 - in stock
Film Center Inc.
First Gulf Beach Bank & Trust
Flamingo Films signed by Buster Keaton
Frederick's of Hollywood - blue border
Frohman Amusement Corp.
Genuine Stock Ticker
Global Crossing stock certificate FAMOUS DOT COM SCANDAL
Gloria Game Company - green
Gloria Game Company - orange
Golden Pacific Airlines - California
Gray Goose Airways stock certificate
Great Lakes Aircraft
Hawaiian Airlines
Home Depot Stock Certificate
Hornespeed Propelling Co. stock certificate - 1921
Houdini Picture Corp. SIGNED BY HOUDINI
IBM International Business Machines Punch Card Stock
IBM World Trade Corp. $5,000 Bond
Idaho Gas Filter Corp stock certificate Unissued Boise Idaho
Industrial Securities Bond
Inflight Services
International Business Machines IBM on a punch card
International Video Corp.
JPMprgan Chase stock certificate
Kona & Kau Railway Gold Bond from Hawaii
Laclede Gas Light Company - An Original Dow Stock
Lassen Electric Gold Bond 1921 Abe Lincoln vignette
Limited Brands Victoria's Secret Stock Certificate with Supermodel Vignette
Lion Country Safari COLORFUL
Lozak Laboratories
Luxembourg Mill & Mining
Magnesia Mining CABLE CAR

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