Frederick's of Hollywood - blue border
Genuine Stock Ticker
Ginger Mint Julep stock certificate 1923 Maryland Certificate #2 RARE Class B
Global Crossing stock certificate FAMOUS DOT COM SCANDAL
Gloria Game Company - green
Gloria Game Company - orange
Great Lakes Aircraft
Home Depot Stock Certificate
Houdini Picture Corp. SIGNED BY HOUDINI - Sold
IBM World Trade Corp. $5,000 Bond
Idaho Gas Filter Corp stock certificate Unissued Boise Idaho
Inflight Services
International Business Machines IBM on a punch card
International Video Corp.
JPMprgan Chase stock certificate
Kona & Kau Railway Gold Bond from Hawaii
Lehman Brothers stock certificate
Limited Brands Victoria's Secret Stock Certificate with Supermodel Vignette
Lion Country Safari COLORFUL
Lozak Laboratories
Luxembourg Mill & Mining
Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith Stock Certificate
Milford National Bank
Mississippi&Missouri Railroad signed by John Dix
National Silk Dyeing
New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Bond
North American Company - an Original Dow Stock
Northwest Airlines with AUTOGRAPH of president Donald Nyrop
Oil & Gas
Onondaga Copper Company Stock Certificate Houghton Michigan
Original BULLFROG Mines Syndicate stock certificate
Pacific Leisure Hawaii stock certificate Hawaiian Islands vignette RARE
Packard Motor Car Co.
Pan Motor stock certificate Signed by S C Pandolfo
Paramount Pictures stock certificate - FAMOUS MOVIE STUDIO!
Pennsylvania & New Jersey Railroad bond Number 1
People's Life Insurance
Pink Sheets
PSA Inc. specimen stock certificate Pacific Southwest Airlines
RARE Stock Option certificate from 1919
Richard Respess Co. (Ethnicly Separate Colonies)
Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey - red border
Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus blue certificate
Romania 2000 Lei Plastic dollar bill

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