Dillingham $10,000 bond
Disney War Bond unissued
Dynamic Films
Electric Pneumatic Transit Co.
Elgin National Watch
Enron Corp. Scandal Swindle Scam Crooked E vignette Genuine Authentic Original
Entertainment Capital Group
Euro Disneyland
Every Man His Own Broker BULLS and BEARS book 1775
F.E.C. Realty Corp. certificate number 1 SOLD
Ferro-Carril Guant. RR Bond certificate CUBA 1882 - in stock
Ferro-Carril Guantanamo Railroad Bond CUBA 1877 - in stock
Film Center Inc.
First Gulf Beach Bank & Trust
Flamingo Films signed by Buster Keaton
Frederick's of Hollywood - blue border
Frohman Amusement Corp.
Genuine Stock Ticker
Global Crossing stock certificate FAMOUS DOT COM SCANDAL
Gloria Game Company - green
Gloria Game Company - orange
Golden Pacific Airlines - California
Gray Goose Airways stock certificate
Great Lakes Aircraft
Hawaiian Airlines
Home Depot Stock Certificate
Hornespeed Propelling Co. stock certificate - 1921
Houdini Picture Corp. SIGNED BY HOUDINI
IBM International Business Machines Punch Card Stock
IBM World Trade Corp. $5,000 Bond
Idaho Gas Filter Corp stock certificate Unissued Boise Idaho
Industrial Securities Bond
Inflight Services
International Business Machines IBM on a punch card
International Video Corp.
JPMprgan Chase stock certificate
Kona & Kau Railway Gold Bond from Hawaii
Laclede Gas Light Company - An Original Dow Stock
Lassen Electric Gold Bond 1921 Abe Lincoln vignette
Lehman Brothers stock certificate
Limited Brands Victoria's Secret Stock Certificate with Supermodel Vignette
Lion Country Safari COLORFUL
Lozak Laboratories
Luxembourg Mill & Mining
Magnesia Mining CABLE CAR

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