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Speedway Park Association (Automobile Race Track, Golf Course)

Speedway Park Association stock certificate with a large vignette of an automobile racetrack surrounded by a four story grandstand and an 18 hole golf course in the center!!! A creat item for the collector of golf scripophily or automobile and car scripophily. Dated 1915 (extremely early for an auto race track), issued uncancelled, incorporated in Illinois. Handsign by the president (David Reid) and the secretary (J. Hancock). Very fine.

The company was founded in 1914 and completed the two mile track in 1915, located on 320 acres west of the Des Plaines River in Maywood in the Chicago. The track consisted of wooden two by fours placed on their edge and running lengthwise. In addition to a race track, there was a golf course, polo field, equestrian course and aviation field. There was a seating capacity of up to 200,000. The first race was held on June 26, 1915 and was won by Dorio Resta who drove a French Peugeot, beating twenty other drivers.

Some of the more famous drivers who raced on the track were Oldsmobile's Barney Oldfield and Louis Chevrolet.

The speedway was eventually torn down in 1918 to build a convalescent hospital for soldiers returning from World War I.


Speedway Park Association (Car Race Track, Golf Course) auto-spdwy-001

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