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A document with Disney's signatures!!!

Probably one of the nicest entertainment related certificates in existence. Everyone is aware of who Walt Disney is, so we won't waste a lot of time on his biography (although we can provide you with plenty of biographical information). This stock is dated Dec. 29, 1955 and showing true family values, Walt has conveyed 2 1/2 shares to his first grandson. This document has been boldly signed on the front as president, and again on the back as Custodian for his grandson, Christopher Miller, the son of Ron Miller and Diane Disney Miller. We can certainly guarantee the signatures on the front and back are genuine, and the authenticity of the document. Typed above the company name is "WED Enterprises, Inc., formerly". Other than the tape residue from the attached stub and two filing holes, the certificate is in extremely fine condition.


If you can find another stock signed twice by Walt Disney at a lower price, buy it.

As a matter of fact, if you can find any stock signed by Walt Disney as president at a lower price, buy it.

A Certificate of Authenticity will gladly be provided.


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Walt Disney Incorporated stock - MULTIPLE AUTOGRAPH!!! ent-disney4-004

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